Do you enjoy planning on a grand scale?

Then you´ve come to the right place. As a renowned serrvice provider in the fiels oft plant planning and construction, plant services and site operation, we work hard for our customers by offering flexible, individually tailored solutions and pave the way for future success.

Our growth is sustainable and profitable. This is due to the quality of our work, our innovative solutions and, above all, the expertise of our highly skilled employees who now number in excess of 800. We value their commitment – and reward it with outstanding prospects, fair pay, job security and above-average benefits.

InfraServ Knapsack:

Leading industry service provider

+ successful growth
+ very good prospects
+ very good conditions

= attractive employer

Our corporate values

In achieving our corporate goals, our employees follow clear and fundamental values in their day-to-day work and in working together:

Focus on success and service
Every employee brings his or her ability into the company and strives to achieve outstanding performance in their field of work, to our customers’ benefit. This results in personal success and success for the company.

Consistent action
We define clear goals and strive to achieve these directly – and in many cases together. We deploy our resources efficiently.

Willingness to change
Every employee reacts in a flexible manner to challenges and continuously and innovatively develops his or her field of responsibility.

Safety and protection of health and the environment
We act responsibly within the meaning of Responsible Care®. Safety, health and the environment are just as important to us as business concerns.

Mutual respect and open dialogue
Our work together is based on trust. We treat colleagues and business partners equally with openness and sensitivity. Our actions are shaped by honesty and fairness.

Satisfaction and fun
Personal satisfaction with our work and fun in succeeding are the foundations of our business activities´.



Diversity is built into everything we do.

The term “diversity” has become an important buzzword in the modern corporate world in recent years. This refers to the objective of viewing the variety of employees in terms of gender, culture, marital status, age and other characteristics as an opportunity to explore new ideas and solutions.

For InfraServ Knapsack, “diversity” is more than just a word. Within a modern human resource development strategy, we have initiated several programmes to understand and appreciate the various characteristics of our employees and to translate these into suitable tasks.

Not only does InfraServ Knapsack welcome employees and applicants of various nationalities, genders, cultures, religions, family situations and age groups – we consider the potential harboured by these a key resource for improving the creativity and innovativeness of our company.