Our Salary System

Those who achieve their professional and private goals are happier. We support our employees in making the most of their potential. This also means excellent rewards for outstanding performance. As well as a fair collective wage agreement and attractive remuneration models for non-pay-scale employees, InfraServ Knapsack also offers additional benefits – the most important of which we present to you here.

A transparent salary system is a matter of course for us.

As our company arose from a chemicals group, the Federal Collective Wage Agreement for the Chemicals Industry continues to apply to InfraServ Knapsack today. Our employees are classified into pay groups according to the work they do.  

Job evaluation

Our own job evaluation system for pay-scale and non-pay-scale employees is our basis for classifying every employee in line with requirements and in compliance with the collective wage agreement, as well as the basis for the perfect transparency of the classifications within the company. If our employees’ performance goes above and beyond the norm, they are rewarded on an individual basis.

Profit sharing

In order to promote entrepreneurial thinking and action in all employees, InfraServ Knapsack uses an extension of performance-related remuneration forms. Our system of profit sharing offers employees attractive opportunities to take part in the company’s success. The specific criteria for this are redefined every year within the context of a target agreement (individual and collective targets).