Get your career off to a flying start

School Leavers

Are you looking for more than just a good start? Motivated school-leavers come to us for apprenticeships in modern occupations with prospects - perfect conditions for starting a career successfully.

Our training is very highly regarded as it is of excellent quality and we take on committed trainees in secure roles with a good future.

The training we offer is varied and demanding. To ensure that you enjoy your work from day one, your supervisor will give you a comprehensive introduction to all of the tasks, answer any questions you may have and support you specifically in preparing for your exams.

Would you like to learn more about our training and what happens when you join us?  

Please note that we offer all school-leavers equal opportunities. We value your commitment, willingness to learn and motivation above all.

Technical roles
Industrial mechanic
Industrial mechanic + dual study programme (mechanical engineering)
Electronics engineer for automation technology
Electronics engineer for automation technology + dual study programme (electrical engineering)
Mechatronics engineer
Auto mechatronics engineer

IT roles
IT systems electronics engineer

Commercial roles
Industrial business manager
Industrial business manager + dual study programme (business administration)

Scientific roles
Chemical laboratory technician

Other roles
Protection and safety specialist
On-site fire-fighter

The trainee allowance is as follows:

EUR 894.00 in the first year of the apprenticeship
EUR 976.00 in the second year of the apprenticeship
EUR 1060.00 in the third year of the apprenticeship
EUR 1132.00 in the fourth year of the apprenticeship

A list of current training vacancies can be found on the Vacancies page.