Engineering & Construction with Infraserv Knapsack


A process engineering plant is a highly complex construct. Countless components and sub-processes have to intertwine perfectly so that in the final analysis it is not only products but also good business results that are produced.

Infraserv Knapsack works with you to develop, plan and construct the solutions that your company needs to operate successfully: from process development to the basic and detailed engineering of individual components to the construction of turnkey solutions.

The demands placed on industrial plants are as varied as the range of processes for which plants are used.

That is why experience is so vital in the planning of plant. On the one hand, every plant needs to be conceived individually, but on the other, there is no need to keep reinventing the wheel.

Our focus is on individualised plant engineering. That means we can help you develop manufacturing plants that do not necessarily fall into any standard pigeonhole. Wherever it is possible and logical in terms of achieving the objectives, we will make use of knowledge that has already been gained, but if we need to break new boundaries, we will work with you, step by step, to accomplish that. You give us the licence and we provide the know-how.