Site Operation with InfraServ Knapsack


In industrial site operation, day-to-day operations depend on every single detail in all aspects of production. At the same time, it would be far too expensive and time-consuming for manufacturers to carry out the management of all secondary processes themselves. Infraserv Knapsack helps to relieve the burden by taking over responsibility for these tasks. The operation of energy and media supply, wastewater treatment, logistical services, property and facility management, safety, healthcare

and environmental management all merge into holistic concepts tailored to your needs which not only shape everyday operations reliably but also in a more and more economically and environmentally friendly way, day after day. We bring our expertise from decades of experience as a site operator and industrial service provider into our site analyses, site consultancy services and site optimisation services.

Getting from A to B in the quickest and most convenient way: InfraServ Knapsack solves this problem along routes of any length – from the optimisation of stock movements to intercontinental container transport. A suitable, customised logistics concept is developed for each task and implemented using road, rail, sea or air transport. The highly qualified team, which includes rail operations managers and hazardous goods officers, is available around the clock and, because InfraServ Knapsack is certified as a waste management company, it is also able to offer expert service in this area.

  • Transport

    • From a package to a full load
    • Rail, road, combined transport – also by barge, container and air freight
    • Transport of hazardous goods and waste (German Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies)
    • Management of track installations
    • Servicing of locomotives

  • Distribution

    • Distribution management and freight concepts
    • Complete processing of orders, procurement of

  • transport capacity

    • Handling customs formalities
    • Site-specific clearance for HGVs
    • Officer for hazardous goods

  • Logistics services
    • Vehicle workshop and forklift service
    • Car hire/taxi service
    • Postal & dispatch service, copier & repro service