Site Operation with InfraServ Knapsack

Facility management

In industrial site operation, day-to-day operations depend on every single detail in all aspects of production. At the same time, it would be far too expensive and time-consuming for manufacturers to carry out the management of all secondary processes themselves. Infraserv Knapsack helps to relieve the burden by taking over responsibility for these tasks. The operation of energy and media supply, wastewater treatment, logistical services, property and facility management, safety, healthcare

and environmental management all merge into holistic concepts tailored to your needs which not only shape everyday operations reliably but also in a more and more economically and environmentally friendly way, day after day. We bring our expertise from decades of experience as a site operator and industrial service provider into our site analyses, site consultancy services and site optimisation services.

InfraServ Knapsack’s facility management experts support you in operating and maintaining your property as economically as possible whilst identifying and exploiting opportunities for savings in a targeted manner. Whether you are interested in the development of new areas, new construction, conversion, demolition or maintenance, whether it be operations, office, workshop, laboratory or storage facilities: InfraServ Knapsack’s facility management team ensures the long-term usability of property and creates a significantly more favourable cost structure.

  • Technical facility management

    • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning technology
    • Sanitary engineering
    • Fire protection technology
    • Electrical engineering
    • Lift technology
    • Maintenance

  • Commercial facility management

    • Leasing, marketing of spaces and properties
    • Site planning

  • Construction projects (design, new building/conversion, demolition)

    • Contracting

  • Infrastructure facility management

    • Facility cleaning (internal and external), special and

  • industrial cleaning

    • Upkeep of green spaces, snow clearing and gritting
    • Relocations
    • Minor repairs and caretaking
    • Locking system management

Facility management