Plant Services with InfraServ Knapsack

Turnaround planning

Emotion is not a word commonly associated with industrial plants: nonetheless, maintenance, upkeep and service play an essential role for their efficient operation. If these are all in place, downtimes drop while service life increases hugely.
With the plant service from INFRASERV KNAPSACK it will not only be the plants that are feeling good.

For customers too it pays off to rely on a broadly positioned and highly experienced partner for plant maintenance and shutdown management. INFRASERV KNAPSACK offers high-quality solutions ranging from operation-oriented maintenance to full-service models for outsourcing and main contracting.

To our way of thinking, turnaround planning for a plant encompasses both the detailed planning of all turnaround-related activities and the acceptance of all work steps in a planning database and the subsequent detail planning and scheduling in close consultation with the plant operator, i.e. with you! The more thorough and precise a turnaround is planned in advance, the more efficiently all measures can be carried out – and accordingly, the shorter the outages will be. That is why we place such great value on careful planning.


At InfraServ Knapsack, turnaround planners with cross-trade planning experience call the shots. The planning itself is carried out and documented in our in-house database using our proprietary turnaround planning software TARServ®. Afterwards, of course, we provide the complete planning and documentation data to you as client. Your benefit: You can “preserve” that information and then already have a head start on future turnarounds!