Plant Services with InfraServ Knapsack

Turnaround implementation

Emotion is not a word commonly associated with industrial plants: nonetheless, maintenance, upkeep and service play an essential role for their efficient operation. If these are all in place, downtimes drop while service life increases hugely.
With the plant service from INFRASERV KNAPSACK it will not only be the plants that are feeling good.

For customers too it pays off to rely on a broadly positioned and highly experienced partner for plant maintenance and shutdown management. INFRASERV KNAPSACK offers high-quality solutions ranging from operation-oriented maintenance to full-service models for outsourcing and main contracting.

Unscheduled work prolongs about half of all turnaround projects by more than one fifth of the originally targeted duration; in 80% of all cases, the budget is also exceeded. The main reasons for this – besides poor coordination – are unanticipated incidents, or rather, the inability to react to those incidents appropriately. We help you avoid delays because we coordinate measures strictly according to plan – and that means according to a plan that takes contingencies into account right from the start.


Through comprehensive planning documentation, we can essentially exclude the possibility of “unpleasant surprises”. Moreover, thanks to direct access to our own workshops and interdisciplinary specialists, we can fabricate any required spare parts ourselves on short notice and carry out any unexpected repairs without delay if necessary. We make sure that the planned turnaround does not turn round in circles.

With turnaround implementation, we offer a wide range of services and work together with you to organize the ones you need into a package. Those services specifically include:

  • Mechanical/I&C installations
  • Heavy-duty installations
  • Transport/crane services
  • Security services
  • Scaffolding erection
  • Insulation
  • Corrosion protection
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Process analytics
  • Acceptance procedures (TÜV, qualified persons)