Plant Services with InfraServ Knapsack


Emotion is not a word commonly associated with industrial plants: nonetheless, maintenance, upkeep and service play an essential role for their efficient operation. If these are all in place, downtimes drop while service life increases hugely.
With the plant service from INFRASERV KNAPSACK it will not only be the plants that are feeling good.

For customers too it pays off to rely on a broadly positioned and highly experienced partner for plant maintenance and shutdown management. INFRASERV KNAPSACK offers high-quality solutions ranging from operation-oriented maintenance to full-service models for outsourcing and main contracting.

Operators can minimise costs for production downtime with holistic process optimisation for plant shutdowns.

InfraServ Knapsack takes over the full or partial execution of shutdowns and develops customised shutdown concepts of the very highest safety and quality standard for its customers. All of the necessary steps of the shutdown are recorded, systematically carried out and monitored using transparent database solutions. In the operational execution, we can provide the spare parts and repairs that suddenly become necessary within no time at all, thanks to our direct access to our own workshop and production capacities, without interfering with the course of the project in the long term.

In the planning, coordination and execution of shutdowns, InfraServ Knapsack boasts highly skilled coordinators qualified in a wide variety of disciplines. We can flexibly gear the scope of services towards our customers’ requirements – besides work-based billing we also offer fixed-price solutions and more complex collaborative models.

Products and services

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