Plant Services with InfraServ Knapsack

Process analysis

Emotion is not a word commonly associated with industrial plants: nonetheless, maintenance, upkeep and service play an essential role for their efficient operation. If these are all in place, downtimes drop while service life increases hugely.
With the plant service from INFRASERV KNAPSACK it will not only be the plants that are feeling good.

For customers too it pays off to rely on a broadly positioned and highly experienced partner for plant maintenance and shutdown management. INFRASERV KNAPSACK offers high-quality solutions ranging from operation-oriented maintenance to full-service models for outsourcing and main contracting.

In the process industry and, especially, in the chemicals industry, aspects such as quality, environmental protection and safety are largely determined by the concentrations of certain substances.

The process analysis technology from InfraServ Knapsack delivers exceptionally reliable systems for the continuous measurement and recording of these concentrations in your plants. The measured results are available immediately.
In order to ensure the optimum safety and quality of the technology, InfraServ Knapsack’s service package goes well beyond the technology itself, encompassing project planning and the assembly and maintenance of the process analysis technology.

As early as the project planning stage, our experts provide manufacturer-independent consultancy as to how to develop an analytics system that is economical but nonetheless transparent at all times for your specific tasks, taking into consideration various measurement methods. Once the systems have been installed, InfraServ Knapsack also performs ongoing maintenance, thus offering process analysis technology from a single source.

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