Nowadays, speed and rapid response to changes in market conditions is more essential to success in business than ever before.

However, a quick response also requires rapid implementation. The shorter the delay between a decision being made and the actual enhancement of capacity coming on-line with the new plant entering regular production, the earlier it is possible to earn additional profit. It is as simple as that. One sure way to succeed more quickly is to put your plant construction into the hands of InfraServ Knapsack.

Fast and efficient implementation is by no means mutually exclusive from custom tailoring. You still get the plant you want, just the way you imagined it.

Extreme flexibility thanks to high capacity
We can make your ideas reality in just a short amount of time, thereby giving you a considerable competitive advantage. The key to this is skilled engineering combined with knowledge of manufacturing and installation.

Since we can cover all core work with our own resources, we are in a position to act extremely quickly and remain extremely flexible. That means we can fulfil all our customers’ wishes promptly. As we also operate our own chemical industrial park, we understand what matters in terms of project planning for plants. You can therefore be certain that our concepts are realistic not just in terms of building work but also as regards repair and maintenance.