Engineering & Construction with Infraserv Knapsack

Plant optimization

A process engineering plant is a highly complex construct. Countless components and sub-processes have to intertwine perfectly so that in the final analysis it is not only products but also good business results that are produced.

Infraserv Knapsack works with you to develop, plan and construct the solutions that your company needs to operate successfully: from process development to the basic and detailed engineering of individual components to the construction of turnkey solutions.

Rising energy costs, new product demands, new legal regulations, there can be many reasons for optimising a plant.

There are also lots of good ways to optimise. The measures that are most effective for you cannot be established on a “one size fits all” basis. That is why we have developed a method of discovering the optimisation measures which will be most beneficial for your company.

Step 1: Establishment of current status

Those seeking to optimise all or part of a plant may often be unaware where they should start making adjustments. As a rule, all the steps to be taken are in any case deeply interwoven, so that a reduction in one place will usually require a boost somewhere else. In order to avoid ending up no better off than before, we start by determining the status as it is now. We filter all the relevant operating data and utilise computer-based tools to find the key energy parameters. In this way, we can find out where it makes sense to carry out adjustments and exactly how much those adjustments will achieve in the end.

Step 2: Simulations

We employ modelling and simulation programs to calculate how changes in individual parameters affect the entire procedure. With the help of simulation tools, we can test automation and control concepts and assess the way the plant responds in real time.

Step 3: Assessment

Finally, as part of the project planning, our experts assess the results we have obtained and then present you with a solution, which represents the best balance between costs and productivity.