Engineering & Construction with Infraserv Knapsack

OnSite engineering

A process engineering plant is a highly complex construct. Countless components and sub-processes have to intertwine perfectly so that in the final analysis it is not only products but also good business results that are produced.

Infraserv Knapsack works with you to develop, plan and construct the solutions that your company needs to operate successfully: from process development to the basic and detailed engineering of individual components to the construction of turnkey solutions.

Do you need reinforcements for your own project planning team?

There too, the know-how and experience of InfraServ Knapsack can pay off for you.

Our wholly owned subsidiary, InfraServ Knapsack OnSite Engineering GmbH, operates entirely independently but can provide you with qualified people on the basis of a licensing or service contract.

You can enhance the skills set of your team and back up your personnel resources with externally sourced technical or management staff, who not only know their business, but also where the pitfalls are likely to turn up.

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InfraServ Knapsack OnSite Engineering GmbH