Engineering & Construction with Infraserv Knapsack

Conceptual design

A process engineering plant is a highly complex construct. Countless components and sub-processes have to intertwine perfectly so that in the final analysis it is not only products but also good business results that are produced.

Infraserv Knapsack works with you to develop, plan and construct the solutions that your company needs to operate successfully: from process development to the basic and detailed engineering of individual components to the construction of turnkey solutions.

It is at the conceptual design stage that the planning of the plant takes concrete form – and colour.

The way this works is as follows: once we have completed the screening of all the process alternatives, we weigh up the pros and cons of each alternative and make decisions, on the basis of pre-defined criteria, with regard to the investment and operating costs, market availability etc. Having done this, we then develop a basic design for the plant.

This plan covers the following aspects, among others 

  • Layout of building and plant in the form of 3D presentation models
  • Block and methodology flow charts
  • Static and dynamic process simulations.

In addition, we make calculations regarding the sizing of equipment and machinery, test out existing control schemes and, if necessary, design new ones. We also put together basic safety concepts.

Estimating costs. What would you expect to gain?

The second part of the conceptual design is formed by a prognosis of the cost benefits. We calculate how materials and energy costs will balance out, as well as the order of magnitude of the investment costs. We produce an initial cost estimate so that you know how the costs stack up and what you may expect to pay.