Engineering & Construction with Infraserv Knapsack


A process engineering plant is a highly complex construct. Countless components and sub-processes have to intertwine perfectly so that in the final analysis it is not only products but also good business results that are produced.

Infraserv Knapsack works with you to develop, plan and construct the solutions that your company needs to operate successfully: from process development to the basic and detailed engineering of individual components to the construction of turnkey solutions.

How can we support you with the realisation of your innovative project?

Using your project idea as the starting point, we work together with you to develop and optimise the right concept to create your production process.

Industrial multipurpose biotechnology demonstration plant


We advise you concerning a wide range of questions and support the realisation of your process engineering design from laboratory or pilot plant scale to full-scale production.
With broad expertise in all relevant professional disciplines, we assist you in the engineering design of all process steps, ranging from fermentation (upstream) to recovery/purification (downstream), for manufacturing bio-based products.

We are already developing process engineering solutions for new technologies from the areas of biofuels, bio-based building blocks, power-to-X, plastic additives, recycling, and many other segments.

The ability to interconnect findings from scientific research and engineering technology with industrial value creation is a key factor in the successful development of biotechnology. And that is why we are a member of CLIB2021 – Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie e. V. (industrial biotechnology cluster).

Moreover, since 2016 we have also sponsored the Innovation Award of the International Conference on Bio-based Materials.