Engineering & Construction with Infraserv Knapsack

Engineering and Construction

When planning any new chemical plant or optimising existing facilities, a lot rests on the approach. The only way to achieve objectives is to think in terms of concrete solutions. That is our strength. We think in solutions!

As an established partner to industry, we are at your side with advice from the very beginning. We see things through your eyes and provide you with ideas tailored to your specific needs. We accompany you through the development of processes or optimisation of your plant, from conceptual design and basic engineering to full-scale commissioning. Then we go further still.


The demands placed on industrial plants are as varied as the range of processes for which plants are used.


Plant Construction

Do you need more than just support for your plant planning?


What sets us apart

We are both full service provider and chemical industrial park operator. In partnership, we have more to offer than the usual planning assistance.